Brand Repositioning: American Apparel

The objective of this project was to identify a perilous brand ripe for acquisition, and consider how to strategically reposition the brand for future success. 

This was a collaborative piece, in which we chose American Apparel as our failing brand, due to its financial struggles and bad reputation. We identified three areas for repositioning, these included — identity clarification, increase in online presence and a repositioning of brand image. We clarified the brand’s identity by using an archetype framework. We decided to reposition the brand’s image by focusing on its core values — commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We experimented with potential campaign ideas that integrated the consumer into the brand’s identity using social media. 

Our final outcomes consisted of a presentation situating our proposed repositioning strategies, a brand book, a concertina of repositioned brand values and ‘taster takeaway’ retail bag that represents the new brand image.

American Apparel_HollyHenderson4.jpg
American Apparel_Holly Henderson.jpg
American Apparel_HollyHenderson3.jpg